About us

Zó project is a social business, which preserves, supports and expands the Vietnamese traditional paper and its making technique in a sustainable and creative way.

The idea of setting up Zó project initially came from the passion of the founder Tran Hong Nhung. Zó is a dynamic and young team who wished to bring traditional values into contemporary society. In return, our profits are going back to the community of paper maker to create job opportunity and stable income for the ethnic minority village in the Northern province of Vietnam.

Which social issues we work with?

Dó paper uses an ancient paper making technique appeared in VietNam during the III century. Thanks to the unique natural fiber of the Do bark (Rhamnoneuron balansae).

Dó paper is renowned for being very durable, resilient with a subtly textured surface. It could last for 700 years according to some records. Nowadays, in Vietnam, the art of creating this beautiful paper has been almost forgotten because of the diminishment in the demand for such the product.

The reason is that the industrialization in Vietnam has been developed quickly during the last 30 years. Therefore, we have made our effort to preserve this local knowledge and made it alive one more time in our modern life. 

Our mission

  • Preserve the process of handmade paper making with environmental protection.
  • Increase the value for Vietnamesse handmade paper by creating new products with contemporary design for our daily life and identify market for these products.
  • Develop material plantation for the supply chain
  • Build up and strengthen the link between actors in the value chain of handmade paper.
  • Transmit the local knowledge to the next generation and to the world.

Who we work with?

  • Zó works with the artisan from paper villages to make and improve the ancient paper making technique in Viet Nam.
  • Zó works closely with designers and artists to create new handmade paper products for contemporary usage.
  • Zó also works with the ecologist and local authorities to make sure that the natural material will be harvest according to the regulation of forest management.

Our products and services

  • Design and develop products from handmade papers
  • Develop the material plantation
  • Organise workshop/events about paper and crafts for adults and children.
  • Publish book and film about paper making.
  • Collaborate with local and international artist to organise cultural events.

Our social impact

  • Save our tradition and culture
  • Creating jobs and sustainable income for our paper makers
  • Protect our environement by an ecological approach
  • Promoting a lifestyle with sustainable consumption

Our partners

  • CSIP (Centre for Social Initiative Promotion)
  • British Council
  • Very50 (Japan)
  • Sydney University
  • Vietnam Women Enterpreneur Network
  • Vietnam Creative Enterpreneur Club

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