Zó artist – Inspirational designs from a Swedish painter

On the road of development, we feel very lucky when we meet a lot of people who want to help and support our project to complete our mission –  revive Do papers – Vietnamese traditional handmade papers. This paper has been used by painters and artists for many centuries by using the ancient paper making technique as well as designing craft products made from dó paper (notebooks, cards, lamps…).

Among them, not only Vietnamese artists want to preserve and develop this 800-year-old paper, but also international artists. They are fascinated by the significance of the project, impressed by the distinctive features of Do paper. One of them, both a collaborator and a friend of Zó, is Sofia (from Sweden). Not all foreign artists know this traditional paper, but when they research it through Zó project, almost all of them can’t resist the distinctive characteristics of this paper. Sofia is not exception.

She was born in the countryside of Sweden with artistic parents, a big brother and an orange cat. For her, hand crafts,  creativity and innovation has always  been a central element in her life. Each day consisted and still consists of creating, if only a small sketched idea or a chair built in the workshop. . She loves to explore new places and learn about new cultures. She needs nature and outdoor life every now and then to feel alive. Therefore, it’s the reason why she came to Vietnam and found out about Zó project.

The goal with her design is to support and encourage sustainability, equality, human rights and/or creativity. Today it is easy for anyone to print art on paper in mass scale and they all use a lot of paper in their daily life. It’s often better for the environment to support hand craft and small scale productions rather than large, industrial productions. So when she decided to print some of her artwork, she wanted to support Zó Project because of her impression of  the Vietnamese traditional handmade paper – Do. Additionally this kind of paper has a very nice structured surface from the fibers. Every single sheet of paper is original and looks different.

Postcards and poster with Sofia’s Painting


Concept behinds her works

She said that when she created art for others, she often used a lot of colors and humor. She  wanted to convey a happy and positive feeling and hoped to bring laughter. She thought people were interesting and it’s beautiful that everyone had their own personalities, stories and lives.



The feeling when she was drawing 

“I have done part of the art with laughter. Sometimes I feel a strong need to just grab a pen and let “anything” pop up. It’s fun and sometimes I’m surprised about what appears on the paper. Another part of the art was done when I thought about the people I met or saw that inspired me during different times of my life. I hope that you, who see my pictures, will also be inspired.”

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