Workshop Watercolor Painting – Chinese Style

Instructor: Vũ Xuân Đạt

Duration: 2 hours



  • Introduction to Watercolor Painting – Chinese Style

           History/ Style/ Characters/ Cultural meaning (expression of spiritual life)

  • Introduction to painting tools: paper (Dó & other handmade paper), brush, ink, pallet
  • Try on the tools with your own feelings (free style)


  • Performance on Dó paper (English & Vietnamese)

10’ Break


  • Experimental (with guidance from teacher)
  • Giving words from teacher
  • Question & Answer


  • Conclusion & Closing


Xuan Đat is born and grow in from a small village in Northern of Vietnam, the passion with drawing bring him to the traditional art. His childhood attached with simple and typical images of rural area of Vietnam, which is an endless inspiration for his art work. Using watercolor Chinese style allows him to express his spiritual world.

Fee: 20 – 30 USD

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Love from Zó team.


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