The hidden Gallery of Zó

Our customers usually ask why we just keep hiding in the rail track. They wonder how people could find us.

cúc họa mi

But… it is the place we hide that make our workshop so special. This is the place where you can stop, and leave all the noise and worry behind. Have a gulp of tea and listen to the stories of paper, stories of us and the melodies of daily life.


There is no hooter, no engine, no factory. Just the tea – talk between old ladies, the laughter of children, some nice melodies from the neighbor’s radio. Sometimes the train comes, blows the silence away in a minute and then passes to return the amazing peace to this amazing place.


This is also the place of our upcoming workshop this 23rd December, see more details about the workshop here.

Visit us someday if you can, the small house “hidden” by the rail track.

Our address :
Zó Art Gallery, Alley 5A Trần Phú, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
Follow the rail track and look for house no. 27 !

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