Paper making tour 20.11.2016

Dó paper is manufactured through a painstaking process requiring up to 100 steps and famous for being durable and having a beautiful texture on the surface thanks to the long fiber and handmade process.

Our Paper Making Tour is a unique experience, not only to learn about paper making process but also to understand livelihood of the Muong ethnic minority in the North of Vietnam.

Thank you guys a lot for spending a Sunday with us. Hope you all had a great time in nature and a great experience making your own handmade paper.

Operated in the way that will help our paper maker to have an extra income. but also sustainable that will not destroy the job of paper making, the tour will be soon open for everyone.

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Arrived at Suoi Re community house after 1 hour on the way.


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Learning about the history of paper making and the painstaking process.
Normally, it requires up to 100 steps to make a complete Do paper. In our tour, we can only experience some of them so you can create your own “artwork”.

The boiling step:

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 After being peeled and scratched, the bark of Duong (the local plant to make handmade paper) usualy be boiled in 24 hours.
The beating step:
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The bark is beaten with an oak stick to loosen individual fibers.
The making paper sheet step: 
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The mixture of beated bark and a special type of glue was poured into a frame which was put in a tank of water.


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Spreaded out the mixture until the layer had the desired thickness.
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Decorated the paper in your own way by putting some lovely elements.
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Used the roller to drain off the water.
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Then the sheets were dried one by one on the bamboo frame under the sunshine.
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While the paper were drying, we explored the community house of Suoi Re, which had received a lot of awards for its amazing design.

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“Harvest” time.

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In the afternoon, we came and visited the paper making family in Suoi Co village and had chance to experience the real process.
For more information about the tour, please send your request to email:

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