Zó established to achieve these objectives bellow:

  • Preserving our traditional handmade paper, Dó paper by keeping the know-how and transfer them to the new generation.

Dó paper making has more than 800 year of history but it is in the danger of lost. The paper making is totally lost already in Yen Thai village (Buoi district, Hanoi today)  where the first village made this paper. In Bắc Ninh, with more than 400 years of making Dó paper, now aday, there is only few families left doing this job. Most of them will stop making paper in few years as it is very hard job and not very high demand. While the whole village turn to produce industrialised paper with much higher profit and demand such as: toilet paper, napkin.

  • Creating jobs for disadvantaged group in a remote village in Hoa Binh, Vietnam.

Zó Project found a remote village, Suoi Co, located in Hoa Binh, Vietnam which is about 60km in the north. When Zó founder first met them in 2010, they hardly can sell any sheet of paper, after 05 years learning this job. Zó found out that is a good opportunity if Zó can support them in term of design and for this beautiful paper and they can get the traditional know-how to improve their skills in paper making. But trying to convince the paper maker in the traditional village in Bac Ninh to come to teach them is not an easy task.

  • Supporting Vietnamese artist to work with Dó paper and exchange with international artist

Zó work with many artists who share the same passion with traditional values of Vietnamese culture and work together to promote our culture and art to the world.

Zó organise exhibition using Dó paper to spread out the message about preserving our traditional paper.

  • Inspire young generation to keep our tradition alive and promote a sustainable life style

Through our stories and our philosophy, Zó inspire many young people to find the roots and make our tradition alive. Many new projects to work on our traditional culture and crafts were born.

Zó also promote the sustainable living style by our minimalism design. Our recycled process and reduce waste during our design and production process will inspire young generation to work in the same way and promote sustainable consumption.

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