N E W S : Our new community project !

Zó Mindful Art and Creation Community “

After building our successful social enterprise, we now want to have more social impact in the community of paper makers in Hoa Binh !
The objective of this new project is to promote sustainable living practices through art and craft creation on Dó paper.
In the long-term, the goal would be to use the art of Dó paper making to practice a sustainable living style for the young generation.

Art residence and Homestay

Because it is hard to find young paper makers to perpetuate the tradition, we want to create a good environment for the youth to learn about it ; therefore, we want to build an art residence where they will be able to come and learn about papermaking.
This place would also be used to host artists and tourists from all around the world in a homestay !


Nursery Garden

This is a pilot project for sustainable agriculture practice for local people in the Suoi Co village. In this garden, we plan to have all plants for papermaking and also local plants which are in the danger of lost. It will be also collection of other plants, which help to apply on Dó paper creation such as natural dying and pattern. Besides that, we will grow seasonable vegetables and fruits. Since the paper makers are still doing agriculture work as their main job, this would be a way to help them earn more income in a sustainable way.
This could be also an education platform for urban youth to come to learn and exchange about eco farm and agriculture.


Community Library

This library would provide different training and exchanges about different sustainable practices for youth: agriculture, mindful living, environment, health care culture and art. This would be the way we can give back to the community and engage them for long term goal.
International volunteers can come and teach English through art and craft for local people.

We are very happy to be working on this new project, and we’ll keep you posted on the new progress we make !



Zo Team



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