Making papers with the “Red river kids”

Last weekend ( 1st & 2nd of April ), we had exciting and meaningful activities with the children at “School on the Boat” – a non-profit organization helping the “Red River children” in their schooling.

Their families are in precarious situations: they live illegally by the waterside of the Red River, and earn between US$2 to $5 per day per family. Sanitary conditions are also worrying: unhealthy floating houses, daily use of the polluted and dirty water from the Red River…

Many of the children living beside the Red River don’t have birth certificates. And if they have one, they still can’t go to the public school because their parents can’t afford to pay the 270 US$ fees for the public school.

Zó wants to help these children to have the opportunity to learn something new about the local knowledge and the Vietnamese traditional paper.

We have shared the knowledge of Vietnam traditional paper and learned how to make paper together. Watching the kids eager to learn and focus on study steps of making papers made us feel very happy.




We do hope not only the children at School on the Boat but also our next generation we will preserve our traditional handmade paper together.

Much thanks to School on the Boat for the incredible work you are doing for disadvantaged children living along the Red River and in the Long Bien area. In the near future, Zó wants to continue to cooperate with School on the Boat.

If you want to organize any workshop or activities with Zó, don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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    So Great

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