Inspiring story behind our earrings

Many who came to Zó Project were attracted by the beautiful earrings we have here. However, not many people know the story behind those earrings. We would love to share the inspiring story of Ms. Hoa, who designs all of our earrings with Vietnam traditional paper.

We met her on a sunny day when she first came to visit Zó at the railway track. We were so happy to talk to her and share our stories. We started working together with our love for handmade paper and traditional values.

Ms. Hoa does not have stunning backgrounds. She is just a normal woman with her family and her son.  The biggest motivation for her to make hundreds of earrings with different designs and colors comes from her love for her autistic son.


Because her son can’t be as active and energetic as other children, she wants to spend most of her time playing with him. From that desire, she came up with the idea of making earrings from Do paper. While she can promote its social significance, she can also spend time with her son.

The earrings are made from Do paper, a kind of traditional paper that has been in Vietnam since hundreds of years. The earrings are light, soft, and durable, just as the Do paper itself. In addition, the earring colors are dyed from natural materials that show courteousness and sophistication. Our accessories fit with your style for both special occasions or just everyday life. It also can be a special gift for your beloved ones!

The creation of earrings, as well as many other handcrafts in Zó,  is one of the important missions of the Zó Project. Sophistically manufactured handcraft products with modern designs that are closed to daily life add not only monetary but also cultural values to Do paper.




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