One beautiful afternoon, we all gathered in the shop to learn how to make original notebooks. Our teacher, Quynh, volunteers from time to time for Zó, and she makes the most remarkable notebook by hand.

All we needed was paper, fabric, glue, accessories, and lots of creativity!


We started off by gluing the fabric on the paper to create the cover of the notebook (choose your fabric wisely!)

Next, we put the cover and the sheets of paper together, and the notebook was finished!

You can add a bit of originality with accessories such as a thin bamboo stick hand-stitched on the cover or a cute little button and a bit of string to close the notebook. It’s up to you to make your notebook unique!


We were all very proud of our creations, and we are also impressed by how easy it was to make them! Thanks to the Dó paper we used to make the notebooks, our stories will be set on paper for hundreds of years – how incredible!



Instructors: Hồng Kỳ & Nhung Napo

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $20 – 30 / pax

Address: Zó Gallery – 27 Duong Tau str, 5A Tran Phu Alley

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us for a private workshop!

Instructor Contact: Le Hong Ky (English-speaking)
Phone: +84 38 432 93 79 (Texts and WhatsApp +84 1684329379)
Email: zoproject.edu@gmail.com


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