Nestled along the rail tracks, one of Hanoi’s most famous destinations for curious travellers and photographers, Zó Art Gallery is a special place where every crafts becomes alive.

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Focus on traditional paper of Vietnam, we are trying to preserve this beautiful cultural value, using the comtemporary design to modernize a traditional material. That is the reason why every single product here is limited and has on it an interesting story. We have “City Voice” notebook collection illustrated by the street daily voice of the city or Callendar with artworks of an artist devoted his whole life to do woodlock painting,…

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If you are wondering about where to find Christmas presents for your beloved, let’s visit us, pick some authentic and lively items with amazing stories of Vietnamese culture.

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A set of Notebook and Card.
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A set of Notebook, Card and Cover.

Vistit us to see many more amazing suggestions for Christmas gifts.

Zó Project | Contemporary design in the light of local knowledge.
27, railway, 5A Alley, Tran Phu street (10A Dien Bien Phu), Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
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