The Old Ha Noi Notebook Collection

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The Old Hà Nội Notebook Collection Hà Nội really is a timeless city, and with this Notebook Collection, we want to celebrate the history of the amazing capital of Vietnam

Local Knowledge and Contemporary Life

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Zó project is a social business, which preserves, supports and expands Vietnamese traditional paper and the technique to produce it in a sustainable and creative way. The idea of setting

Zó artist – Sofia Holt

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Zó artist – Inspirational designs from a Swedish painter On the road of development, we feel very lucky when we meet a lot of people who want to help and support

Inspiring story behind our earrings

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Inspiring story behind our earrings Most of the girls who come to Zó are attracted by the beautiful earrings we have here. But not many people know the story behind

Natural color dyeing technique on Vietnam traditional handmade paper

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Vietnam Traditional handmade paper – Do paper – Vietnamese name: giấy Dó (Dó paper) is made from the bark of trees (such as paper, as listed under the process …),

Zó 2016 – Một năm nhìn lại

Nhân dịp năm hết Tết đến, bọn mình xin được cùng nhau điểm lại những cột mốc quan trọng của Zó trong 2016: 1. Tháng 5, bọn mình đã chuyển


DIY CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP – 23th December 2016 Last Friday, we had a really great time doing handicraft for Christmas. It was a cozy Friday night, having some tea, making some

Christmas gifts, what and where?

Nestled along the rail tracks, one of Hanoi’s most famous destinations for curious travelers and photographers, Zó Art Gallery is a special place where every craft becomes alive. Focusing on

The hidden Gallery of Zó

The hidden Gallery of Zó Our customers usually ask why we just keep hiding in the rail track. They wonder how people could find us. But… it is the place

Gallery ẩn mình của Zó

Khách hàng mỗi lần đến với Zó đều hỏi chúng tớ một câu đùa vui là tại sao Zó lại “núp” kín quá, giữa khu đường tàu yên ắng này