Would you like to join our up coming community project?

N E W S : Our new community project ! “ Zó Mindful Art and Creation Community “ After building our successful social enterprise, we now want to have more


Paper Earrings Workshop

Paper Earrings Workshop There are so many things we can do with Dó paper, so many ways to get creative ! That’s why we decided to organize Paper Earrings Workshops


The Old Ha Noi Notebook Collection

The Old Hà Nội Notebook Collection Hà Nội really is a timeless city, and with this Notebook Collection, we want to celebrate the history of the amazing capital of Vietnam


Creating Unique Notebooks !

On this beautiful afternoon, we all gathered in the shop to learn how to make original notebooks. Our teacher this day was Quynh, who volunteers from time to time for


Local Knowledge and Contemporary Life

Zó project is a social business, which preserves, supports and expands Vietnamese traditional paper and the technique to produce it in a sustainable and creative way. The idea of setting


Recycled Paper Making Workshop in Hanoi

RECYCLED PAPERMAKING WORKSHOP IN HANOI Duration: 2 hours Price: 15 – 30$/1pax Address: Zo gallery – 27 Duong Tau str, 5A Tran Phu alley. Details: 30′ – Zo project presentation


Our achievements & challenges

ACHIEVEMENTS Although facing many challenges, during the past 04 years, Zó has been achieving some important results. First of all, in 2014-2015, Zó focused on organizing our own team to set


Zó artist – Sofia Holt

Zó artist – Inspirational designs from a Swedish painter On the road of development, we feel very lucky when we meet a lot of people who want to help and support


Zó Project tuyển dụng Sale & Marketing

Zó Project tuyển nhân viên sale&marketing 2017 Zó là doanh nghiệp xã hội với sứ mệnh bảo tồn và phát triển giấy Dó- một loại giấy thủ công truyền thống


Making papers with the “Red river kids”

Making papers with the “Red river kids” Last weekend ( 1st & 2nd of April ), we had exciting and meaningful activities with the children at “School on the Boat”