Inspiring story behind our earrings

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Inspiring story behind our earrings Most of the girls who come to Zó are attracted by the beautiful earrings we have here. But not many people know the story behind

Natural color dyeing technique on Vietnam traditional handmade paper

Vietnam Traditional handmade paper – Do paper – Vietnamese name: giấy Dó (Dó paper) is made from the bark of trees (such as paper, as listed under the process …),

Tea and Tết

As a Vietnamese, I love Tết from the bottom of my heart. Tết for me wouldn’t be actual Tết without blossom tree, chưng cake… and especially tea which Dad never

Volunteer with Zó has been one of the most challenging experience I’ve made

Flashback to about three and a half months ago, it was around the Christmas Holidays  in Mexico and I was surrounded by my family. But, all of a sudden I

The beauty comes only from the paper itself

Spring DIY Design Contest has come to a beautiful end with the winners who represented different ways to use the traditional Vietnamese paper. We talked to Diane Wager, who won

Planting trees in paper making village

After about a one hour drive from Hanoi, we left the big noisy street, crossed a local market and drove for fifteen minutes through an idyllic hilly landscape, dominated by

Love Tree love Paper – Crowd Funding compaign

Please find more detail about our campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-tree-love-paper

The handmade paper last 800 years – BBC Travel Story

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On the veranda of a home in Suoi Co, a rural Vietnamese village about 45km southwest of Hanoi, two women were squatting around a plastic bucket, dipping their fingers in

Dó Paper made by Phong Khe Village

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  The production of Zó has been a major form of employment in many areas in Vietnam since hundreds of years, and the two hamlets at Phong Khe village (Bac


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A GLOOMY FUTURE FOR THE DONG CAO ZO PAPERS There was a time when Dong Ho paintings were used mostly for religious worship or decoration in memorable occasions. For quite