Zó Receives Funding from Air Asia Foundation for Mission to Revive Traditional Paper

Zó Project isn’t just an ordinary business. We are a social enterprise, which means that our social impact means more to us than our benefits. Our successful business helps paper makers

Zó Artist Spotlight: Sofia Holt

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Zó Artist – Inspirational Designs from a Swedish Painter At Zó Project, we feel grateful when we meet people who want to support our  mission of reviving traditional Vietnamese handmade

Zó Paper Making Trip to Hoa Binh

Zó Paper Making Trip to Hoa Binh Have you ever wondered how we produce our high-quality handmade Dó paper? Come and join our paper making tour to Hoa Binh to


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HOW TO MAKE DÓ PAPER Making Dó paper actually requires more than 100 steps, so here are the most essential ones: 1. CULTIVATING BUSHES (DƯỚNG) FOR RAW MATERIALS (TRỒNG CÂY NGUYÊN

Making papers with the “Red river kids”

Making papers with the “Red river kids” On 1st and 2nd April, we had exciting and meaningful activities with the children at School on the Boat, a non-profit organization helping

Inspiring Story behind Our Earrings

Inspiring story behind our earrings Many who came to Zó Project were attracted by the beautiful earrings we have here. However, not many people know the story behind those earrings.

Natural Color Dyeing Technique of Vietnam traditional handmade paper

Natural Color Dyeing Technique of Vietnam traditional handmade paper Vietnam Traditional handmade paper – Do paper is made from the bark of Dó trees. Dó paper is used to store


? ? ? Zó Project là một doanh nghiệp xã hội hoạt động trong lĩnh vực bảo tồn và phát triển nghề làm giấy thủ công truyền thống của Việt

Zó 2016 – Một năm nhìn lại

Nhân dịp năm hết Tết đến, bọn mình xin được cùng nhau điểm lại những cột mốc quan trọng của Zó trong 2016: 1. Tháng 5, bọn mình đã chuyển


DIY CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP – 23th December 2016 Last Friday, we had a really great time doing handicraft for Christmas. It was a cozy Friday night, having some tea, making some