Zó artist – Sofia Holt

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Zó artist – Inspirational designs from a Swedish painter On the road of development, we feel very lucky when have met a lots people who help and support our project

Zó Paper Making Tour (16, 30.7.2017)

Zó Paper Making Tour to Hoa Binh Have you ever wondered how we produce our high-quality handmade Dó paper? Come and join our papermaking tour to Hoa Binh to admire

Watercolor painting workshop with Xuan Dat

Workshop Watercolor Painting – Chinese Style Instructor: Vũ Xuân Đạt Session 01: Introduction about Chinese style – Water Color History / Tradition / Style / Cultural meaning (expression of spiritual life)

Calligraphy workshop with Ngẫu Thư

Workshop/ 01 session 30’ Introduction about Calligraphy History/ Style/ Characters/  Cultural meaning (expression of spiritual life)/Tradition Different forms of calligraphy Introduction about painting tools: paper (Dó & other handmade paper),

Zó Project tuyển dụng Sale & Marketing

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Zó Project tuyển nhân viên sale&marketing 2017 Zó là doanh nghiệp xã hội với sứ mệnh bảo tồn và phát triển giấy Dó- một loại giấy thủ công truyền thống


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HOW TO MAKE DÓ PAPER  CULTIVATING BUSHES (DƯỚNG) FOR RAW MATERIALS (TRỒNG CÂY NGUYÊN LIỆU) The raw material for Zó Paper are Dó (same as mitsumata in Japan) and Dướng (same

Making papers with the “Red river kids”

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Last weekend ( 1st & 2nd of April ), we had an exciting and meaningful activities with the children at “School on the Boat” – a non-profit organization that helping

Inspiring story behind our earrings

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Inspiring story behind our earrings. Most of the girls who come to Zó are attracted by the beautiful earrings here. But not many people know the story behind those earrings.

Natural color dyeing technique on Vietnam traditional handmade paper

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Vietnam Traditional handmade paper – Do paper – Vietnamese name: giấy Dó (Dó paper) is made from bark of trees (such as paper, as listed under the process …), craft

Tea and Tết

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As a Vietnamese, I love Tết from the bottom of my heart. Tết for me wouldn’t be actual Tết without blossom tree, chưng cake… and especially tea which dad never