The Old Ha Noi Notebook Collection

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The Old Hà Nội Notebook Collection Hà Nội really is a timeless city, and with this Notebook Collection, we want to celebrate the history of the amazing capital of Vietnam

Creating Unique Notebooks !

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On this beautiful afternoon, we all gathered in the shop to learn how to make original notebooks. Our teacher this day was Queen, who volunteers from time to time for

Local Knowledge and Contemporary Life

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Zó project is a social business, which preserves, supports and expands Vietnamese traditional paper and the technique to produce it in a sustainable and creative way. The idea of setting

Socially Responsible Travel in Hanoi – The Christinas

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Socially Responsible Travel in Hanoi (Travel and Give Back to the Community) By Sue Nguyen – January 19, 2018 ZO PROJECT House #27, Alley 5A Tran Phu St., Hoan Kiem


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General information on Dó paper Paper first appeared in Vietnam in the 3rd century, but Dó paper originated in the 13th century. It is manufactured through a complex process, consisting

A Spring day with paper makers ! (11.03.2018)

A Spring day with paper makers ! (11.03.2018) At 8am on this beautiful Spring day, we all jumped in the car to take a ride to the beautiful region of

Zó artist – Sofia Holt

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Zó artist – Inspirational designs from a Swedish painter On the road of development, we feel very lucky when we meet a lot of people who want to help and support

Zó Paper Making Tour

Zó Paper Making Tour to Hoa Binh Have you ever wondered how we produce our high-quality handmade Dó paper? Come and join our paper making tour to Hoa Binh to

Watercolor painting workshop with Xuan Dat

Workshop Watercolor Painting – Chinese Style Instructor: Vũ Xuân Đạt Session 01: Introduction about Chinese style – Water Color History / Tradition / Style / Cultural meaning (expression of spiritual life)

Calligraphy workshop with Ngẫu Thư

Calligraphy workshop with Ngẫu Thư   Workshop/ 01 session 30’ Introduction about Calligraphy History/ Style/ Characters/  Cultural meaning (expression of spiritual life)/Tradition Different forms of calligraphy Introduction about painting tools: