Would you like to join our up coming community project?

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N E W S : Our new community project ! “ Zó Mindful Art and Creation Community “ After building our successful social enterprise, we now want to have more

Calligraphy Workshop

Workshop Calligraphy Instructor: Ngẫu Thư Duration: 2 hours  30’ Introduction about Calligraphy             History/ Style/ Characters/  Cultural meaning (expression of spiritual life)/Tradition            Different forms of calligraphy Introduction about painting tools: paper

Water Color Workshop

Workshop Watercolor Painting – Chinese Style Instructor: Vũ Xuân Đạt Duration: 2 hours    30’ Introduction to Watercolor Painting – Chinese Style            History/ Style/ Characters/ Cultural meaning (expression of spiritual

Paper Earrings Workshop

Paper Earrings Workshop There are so many things we can do with Dó paper, so many ways to get creative ! That’s why we decided to organize Paper Earrings Workshops